Buijsse International Group is proud to announce the establishment of a brand new company, called Buijsse Specials.

Buijsse Specials will perform onshore rope access coating activities, as well as all offshore industrial surface treatment.

Mr. Frederik Climan and his team are in pole position to meet up to your highest requirements concerning all hard to reach areas, on land as well as on sea.  Buijsse Specials has all the certifications needed to outperform on wind farms and oil rigs.  We guarantee Regular Blade Inspection and maintenance services, in order to trace unexpected corrosion damages and to build a long-term preservation strategy.

This new Business Unit will be located in the port area of Ostend in the heart of the Belgian offshore cluster.

The address is Esplanade Street 1, B-8400 Ostend.

We are looking forward to take full responsibility in your rope access and offshore corrosion protection projects.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!